Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Covet this: Balenciaga Royal Blue Tote

I was mindlessly browsing recently and came across this amazing, amazing Balenciaga bag-- that doesn't look very Balenciaga. The shape, shade and even the texture of the leather just scream luxury.
With its minimalistic appeal and its demure design, I'd have to say that if I had $1,795 to drop on a bag, I would in a heart beat. What can I say, a girl could dream...

Balenciaga is notoriously popular with celebrities, but you're most likely to see them carrying the City bag. I love how relaxed the City bag is, but it's a little too rocker chic for me. Here are few pics of celebs with their purses. Enjoy!

Beyonce carrying the Balenciaga Day Bag

Nicole Richie carrying the Balenciaga City Bag

Vanessa Hudgens carrying the Balenciaga City Bag
Kim Kardashian carrying the Balenciaga City Bag

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