Friday, September 30, 2011

Blackberry or iPhone?

This is always the question in any cell phone driven conversation. And with the amount of attention paid to the iPhone by social media gurus, designers and the world of fashion, I'd have to agree with what my cousin has been preaching to me for the last year-- the iPhone is the phone of fashion. I won't lie, I am a avid bbm-er, and with my family and most of my friends living outside of Canada it is extraordinarily useful to me. But still i do intend on switching out sooner than later (sorry bbm!), and I am extremely excited for that moment!

So in honour of the iPhone5 (4GS??)  dropping in the next 2 weeks, I've dug up some super cute accessories for them. This Michael Kors patent black and metallic gold leather wristlet retails for $84.95 ($79.95 US), which is actually alot less than I expected--is amazing! You can order it here from the apple site, Canadians!
Instyle.com also has a really good slideshow of designer cases from the likes of Kate Spade to Marc Jacobs. Click here - to view the cases from instyle.

I did manage to find a leather, monogrammed Louis Vuitton blackberry case, which in itself is super luxe and at $290 is definitely a bit of a splurge.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was ploughing through www.instyle.com "We're Obsessed!" section, and i am completely obsessed with these Paule Ka wedges, they are absolutely stunning!! I'm leaving the link to instyle.com, they have up their most recent find, an ArtDeco style rose quartz ring, that is just gorgee. Have a look! http://obsessed.instyle.com/obsessed/photos/results.html?No=0

I also can't tell you how amazing Beyonce's album 4 is. That woman can saaanngg! I have been hitting replay on 'Love on Top' for the last 15 minutes. But i really can't get enough of 1+1.Absolutely amazing, it is just dripping with emotion.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The rise of Fall.

I made my first OFFICIAL Fall purchase this weekend, from Le Chateau Outlet. These amazing (faux) leather and suede boots i feel are either a love or hate, there isn't really any middle ground. I have to admit when i brought them home i kind of hated them a little bit. But all's well that ends well.

I also got this great structured bag from ALDO a few weeks ago, and it will definitely be worked into the Fall wardrobe. I have to say though i was extremely disappointed in the quality of this bag, one of the hinges on the opening broke on its first wearing :(. And Aldo's service definitely leaves you wanting, they continuously mess my orders up. But to no avail, they have amazing stuff.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I’ve come to think i’m obsessed with love. i feel like everyone is, especially those who try to fight it off. i feel like i shouldn’t want it, that if i don’t want it, it’ll come again. Like, you know that panicked feeling you get when you realise you broke something and you cant fix it in time? Well it’s like that panicked feeling, only thing there may be no chance of it getting fixed, and you cant just order a replacement. Feelings and emotions are fascinating, truly. They entrance and envelop you, luring you into their mesmerizing folds. I feel like that is what power is, and i know, how unbelievably enthralling it can be having control of someones feelings. I also know how absolutely excruciating it can be for someone to have control of your feelings.