Thursday, August 8, 2013


Yesterday I went to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Mesopotamia exhibit, but managed to get a few more in, including Genesis-- a photography exhibit by Sabastião Salgado. The entire point of Salgado's collection of photographs was to capture cultures of the world that still hold true to the traditions of their past, and parts of the world that remain untouched by evolution.

Out of the entire exhibit this one image completely captivated me. It made me comprehend in an instant the effect photography can have on the world. The power and grace that lies within this woman's expression, but more importantly her posture and the strength with which she holds herself up, made me want to fly to Namibia just to shake her hand.

She should be the poster woman for the women of the world.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday's still are Fabulous

Alright, though I was a little hard on the debut collection of Kate Spade's lower priced line Saturday, I've got to eat my words, because boy, do I love their Fall line.

Come September I'll have been in Canada three years, this will be my fourth winter. And i'm excited for this winter because I feel like I'll finally be able to say my dressing game will be on par with the summer season. My first winter hit me hard, I felt for the first time what -26° and understood very clearly what a windchill meant, so my concern was warmth and warmth only.

Alas the second and third winters met me being in a school for fashion, which was where I wanted to be, so I had to try ah thing as I would refer to it in Guyanese vernacular and began wearing tights and dresses, etc-- and I realized it wasn't that bad.

So what all that chatter was leading up to is simple, if I could look like anything this Fall, a lot of it would lie within this collection. The super wide leather belts, the mix of uptown taste and the polished sporty look. Love!

Viewers if you have any great suggestions about attractive and warm wear please give me that information ASAP!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

On the Ones: Jhené Aiko

I stopped listening to music for some time. Come to think of it I stopped doing a lot of stuff...but back to the point of this post.
Yesterday I was on YouTube making myself a little playlist to re-educate myself on music and I came across this amazing RnB singer Jhené Aiko. I listened to her mixtape Sailing Souls and I truly couldn't help but listen to it again. I'm so happy to have found her because I am very partial to music from an older time--Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Nina Simone-- so the soul that's dripping from Jhené's voice, I just drink it up.

Jhene Aiko for Complex Magazine

Have a listen to this song, For My Brother, that she wrote and recorded for her brother before he lost his battle with brain cancer.

I hope you enjoy her voice as much as I did.