Thursday, May 24, 2012

Floral Freak Out

Hi everybody! Can I tell you about how hot its been here lately?? LOVESSS it! I feel like talking obsessively about the weather is a strictly Canadian trait--but I've been here a while.

Today is another of the days I'll be sharing outfits ( and hopefully outfit ideas) with you. The whole deal with this outfit was these pants I recently bought-- get this they were $15, as in dollars; talk about cheap and sweet. I don't know how you guys are with new stuff, but when I buy stuff I intend on wearing it that night or the next day--you know??

Right, so that was my main objective, but the more I look at them the more I love them-- and I dont care how many people hate them! :D

Alrightey, down to business, a print this intense is pretty frightening for some people. What I did was just focus on the pant and keep everything super simple-- i didn't even do any jewelry; and I was also going to school so I didnt want to go crazy. Keeping it neutral is the safest bet- white and brown.

HOWEVER- another great way to wear a print is to pair it with one colour from the print; the next time I wear these I think I'll try it with coral & gold, the coral is in the flowers. That's a rule a stick to-- I don't know where i got it from, I probably heard it somewhere; but it holds true.

I hope someone finds all this information useful, I sure use it alot.

WHAT am I wearing?
*Sunglasses- Le Chateau
*Jacket- Levi Strauss
*Pants- Urban Planet
*Bag- The insert bit from another bag I've shown ( ebay)



  1. What about the ring?! Where'd you get it?

    1. The ring is from Kings Jewelry in Guyana. :)