Friday, February 22, 2013


I actually wear very little make-up just because I'm used to not having anything much on my face, and also the fact that with the exception of full coverage concealer for my undereyes, I don't really think I need it. On that note, this is probably the most make-up I've ever bought at one go, and the majority of it is lip colour because I just can't get enough!

Make up Forever Full Cover 10 | Make up Forever HD Powder

Maybelline Hot Plum 900 | Rimmel In Vogue 038 | Revlon Soft Nude 070

Revlon Gold Dust 024 | Revlon Papaya 020

Papplemouse 33 | Fraise 17 | Lychee 19 | Marshmallow Electro 95 | Cerise 15

1 comment:

  1. if you were nicer, I'd hook you up with CS5.5 but you're not so spend that cash baby