Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Beauty & The Power

 Because Words are Art.
I am not obsessed with dresses, i am in love with design-- the cut and colour, how something drapes a womans shoulders, the movement of art as a living thing.

I am not fickle because i fawn over fabrics and construction and the shape of garments, i am appreciative of the person who put them together.
I am not engrossed in the vanity of my industry. I adore my art form. Because to me, Fashion is. And how that sentence ends will never be the same between two people. But to me, Fashion is life as art. It is a persons interpretation of who they are and who they want to be, reflected by what they wear and how they choose to portray themselves in that moment in time.


  1. Loving thissss!!!! I definitely need to go shopping. :D

  2. I definitely enjoyed reading this. I'm an architecture major and its nice to know that there are individuals out there who can appreciate the process of creating art, and the thought put into designs and not just the end product.

  3. Thank you! I agree, alot of people can only see the finished product, and can't/don't understand what it took to get to that point.