Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vawk - Spring/Summer 2012

I have been absolutely lackadaisical when it comes to posting on this blog, and i know how important consistency is!! I just wanted to share this link really quickly to Vawks' S/S 2012 collection which was shown at LG Fashion Week a few weeks ago.

I actually got the opportunity to volunteer for LGFW, and was lucky enough to be working backstage when this was being shown. The designer, Sunny Fong , is absolutely amazing within his art -- from the construction of the garments, to the intricacy of the gold, laser cut leather ( gold laser cut leather! Seriously!) It was absolutely breathtaking and i was so lucky to have been able to witness it. Thank you LGFW!!     Vawk - Spring/Summer 2012
Here are a few of my faves! Isn't that bustier gorgeous?

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