Sunday, April 8, 2012

BAG it.

Last week I went on and on about accessories and how much I love them, and today I'm going to happily go on and on about bags. I can't really say there's much in fashion I don't love and/or am not a collector of.

So yes, back to bags. This new shape I keep seeing EVERYWHERE, is very angular, almost like an inverted trapezium. I'm really feeling it, and I cant help but say I'm prepared to drop a good $1500 on one of these handcrafted beauties-- I doubt however as a struggling student (hehe!) I should be that willing to spend a semester's tuition on a SINGLE purse. I do however accept presents :D
Here's a fun fact: BAG spells my initials --now that's what I call fate in motion.

 This first is one of my absolute favourites, not the just this shape, but in this colour!

Celine Cobalt Blue Mini Luggage - $2,645

Burberry Textured Leather Tote- $2,195

Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos Expandable Suede Trimmes Karung Tote- $1,990

VALENTINO Rockstud Studded Leather Tote- $2,595

Jimmy Choo Camille Large Leather Tote- $2,195

Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique Leather Tote- $1,190

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  1. eeyyy put some bags that I can actually afford...lolz