Monday, September 5, 2011


I’ve come to think i’m obsessed with love. i feel like everyone is, especially those who try to fight it off. i feel like i shouldn’t want it, that if i don’t want it, it’ll come again. Like, you know that panicked feeling you get when you realise you broke something and you cant fix it in time? Well it’s like that panicked feeling, only thing there may be no chance of it getting fixed, and you cant just order a replacement. Feelings and emotions are fascinating, truly. They entrance and envelop you, luring you into their mesmerizing folds. I feel like that is what power is, and i know, how unbelievably enthralling it can be having control of someones feelings. I also know how absolutely excruciating it can be for someone to have control of your feelings.  


  1. i feel and respect this and you.... @PhileJones

    1. thank you for this...@PhileJones

    2. Love your blog by the way... @PhileJones

    3. Thanks so much Phile. I'm excited to see yours up and running!