Friday, June 15, 2012

My Favourite Things

The other night as I was writing that intern post, I was sitting at my desk chugging Asti and downing macaroons-- ok lets try that again-- I was sitting at my desk, daintily sipping Asti and nibbling on some macaroons, as it occurred to me that at that moment in time I was surrounded by many of the things I am so dearly in love with.
THEN I decided that, naturally, the right thing to do in this situation was to dedicate a post to all these things, just to show them how appreciative I am.

Now to me that doesn't seem crazy at all, but if you think it is please leave me a comment and let me know. So with that said, these here, are a few of my favourite things. What are your favourite things??

  1. Asti Spumante & Coconut Macaroons- If you follow me on twitter i am suuuure you have seen this combination multiple times, because I am obsessed with Asti Spumante and coconut macaroons-- its not even normal, the level to which I take it. So whether together or apart they are divine. I'm not sure if you can get coconut macaroons in Guyana, there's a recipe here; but I know for sure you can get Asti in GT because thats the first place I had it ( it's also my mummy's favee!)          

2.  Fresh Flowers- They add colour, scent, and life to a place, you know? The orange is so vibrant...and alive. I did have peonies but sadly they were dying a slow death when I was taking these photos. 

3.  Notebook + Daily Planner- Here's a fun fact, I am a compulsive list maker-- I literally cannot go a day without making at least one list for something. The same goes for the planner-- it is always with me all the time.

4. Any and all print media -And on that note lets talk about books, magazines, pamphlets etc. I firmly believe reading is about 100 kazillion times better than television. Do I watch TV, yes-- but it never gives the satisfaction of black on white print; I love my blogs and other online readings, but there's nothing like the feeling of turning a new page.

5. The Colour Green- My absolute favourite. Blazer- Urban Planet, Dresses- Forever 21, Both the necklace & bangles were gifts.

6. Gold on Gold on Gold- I know, yall know this. But I just refuse to get over it-- I love me some gold. Gold & Topaz ring & earrings- King's Jewellery, Gold Chain & Rhinestones- H&M, Watch- Fossil, Chain Link Necklace- Boutique@Seneca, Bracelet & Necklace- King's Jewellery, Flower Necklace- Boutique@Seneca.


    1. Green and gold are my two big favs for this summer too!
      xx Gorgeous items

      1. Thanks Celine! Gold is my absolute, all time favourite!