Thursday, February 9, 2012

Style Me: Colour Block Crazy!

 It is safe to say Spring is on a Colour Block high right now. There are so many store windows over flowing with bright colours and it just warms my little heart cause i'm sick to death of seeing gray! (grey?gray? :s)

N.B! The windows of Urban Planet were done by Seneca Visual Merchandising Arts Students.



Urban Planet
Urban Planet

Urban Planet

Forever 21



 Scared of colour?
 Baby steps. Try some of these great accessories to infuse just a little bit of this trend into an outfit. Pairing these with nuetrals- the beiges, blacks and whites of the world- can garner the same, but more subtle effect.

1. H&M Necklace- $14.95
2. Aldo Antonini Pump- $110
3. Aldo Dagraca Wedge- $120
4. H&M Clutch - $19.95

And for those-- much like myself :D-- who embrace bright colours for everything they're worth, there are dresses, blazers, pants, in the most amazing hues. Style pieces like blazers and pants with contrasting colours for a dramatic effect, or try varying hues of the same colour for a subtler monochromatic look, similar to what I'm wearing.

1. H&M Trousers, $14.95
2. Asos Colour Blocked 20's Playsuit, $82.24
3. H&M Blazer, $69.95
4. Forever 21 Colour Block Broomstick Dress, $27.80

How would I wear it?

Skirt- Forever21 dress :)
Boots- Le Chateau
Earrings- Le Chateau

And here are my very own coloured blocks... Hehehe :D