Sunday, February 12, 2012

Outfit of the Day: When Grunge met...Glam?

Hi hi, I wanted to share my outfit of the day--which turned into night as well-- with you. I really have no idea what I was going for with it, but i liked it enough to deem it worthy of an OOTD.

It seems really monochromatic in the photos, but the sweater is bronze and then pants are this army green (which i call 'grunge green'). I really love the mix of subtle metallic shine and then the utilitarian feel of pants and boots. Hope you like!

 Metallic Sweater- H&M
Pants- Le Chateau
Boots- Old Navy

My aunt and I spent the afternoon making Lychee Martini's :D.Of course I'm going to leave the recipe, they are delicious, and they're one of those really dangerous cocktails where it tastes like juice and you're just throwing them back :s. But I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to lychee liqueur or something so I had to stop after one :(
But try them and tell me what you think, they're absolutely fantastic!

Lychee Martini's

For one Drink:
1.5 oz Gin
1/4 oz Lychee Liqueur
4-5 Ounces Tangerine Juice
Garnish with a Clementine

 Before I go, my uncle thought I should post this pic of a very enthusiastic me hitting the books at 8 this morning. I'm sure you can tell how much I looove studying!

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