Monday, March 25, 2013

Art I can afford.

Contrary to what this blog states, I do not spend my life on Pinterest, though it may seem so. However, today's post does come straight from the site. I follow a lot of people that have art boards and I saw this one pin about an artist on Etsy that does oil paintings that are reasonably priced.

Now I've been combing sites for art for my bedroom as I'm doing it over, and was going to settle for giclee prints of pieces I loved but wouldn't be able to afford. 
These pieces I found are by an artist named Luiza Vizoli, and are absolutely breath-taking. She does modern abstract textured oil paintings, exactly what I want.

You can have a look at her Etsy store, I'll show you my favourites.

Lilac Trees- 26.30

Flowers for YOU- 78.90

Red Wildflowers- 51.55
 Images Courtesy of Etsy.com

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