Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Over the past few years I have slowly come to the conclusion that unfortunately heels can no longer be a part of my closet. This is probably of my own doing, from a mixture of wearing bad shoes, dance, running and now copious hours of standing on my feet between school and work. With that said, I now have a vested interest flat shoes-- everything from plain schoolgirl looking ones to fanciful, studs.

I will dutifully become your very own flats aficionado. Now, I have to introduce you to these five pairs of shoes I came across whilst doing my online window shopping. I'm sure you can see the style of sandal I'm into right now, strappy with lots of detail. 

I'm not a huge fan of the overkill that has become studs, but ZARA has definitely done it right. I will most definitely be picking up either of these pairs from them.

ShoeMint Audrey Flat- 79.98

ALDO Lucyna Flat - 60.00

Forever 21 Metallic Sandal - 17.80

ZARA Studded Sandal - 79.90

ZARA Strappy Sandal - 39.90

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