Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bubblegum Blues.

 Today's attire was inspired (copied) from what I wore last Sunday for church-- only thing I wore a long sleeve t-shirt and flats.

  I don't know how yall are, but for me if I wear something cute and no one see's me in it, you better believe I'm wearing that outfit again. ESPECIALLY when you go to a party and dress up serious, and then the party flat**.... just gotta make sure nobody puts any photos on FB--you know how that goes.
  So I just switched out the coral tee for a coral tank,-- because there is no way I'd survive in a long sleeve t-shirt in Guyana heat-- and then my flats for heels.
  I love this turquoise necklace that I took from my mother! Always remember borrowing and returning at a much later date, does not count as stealing. ;)

Skirt- Old Navy

Bag- Spring

Shoes- DSW

Necklace- Borrowed...

Tank- Garage

dress up serious, and then the party flat**- Get really dressed up and then the party's LAME. 

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