Sunday, August 26, 2012

Organizational Woes: 3 Steps to Easy Packing

A few weeks ago I took a two week trip to Atlanta, and for about an hour, I sat staring at all my stuff unable to deduce how I was going to fit too much of my stuff into my too small suitcase.
On that note, I did what I do best in such situations-- I made a list.

So with that, I am here to share 3 keys to simple packing and staying organized during the process.

1. Ziploc bags: Jewelery and small knick-knacks go in these. This will also make it extremely easy to find everything while on your trip-- which means less scrambling to find things in the morning, and no more losing your favourite pieces.

2. Make a list: This I find makes packing for short trips amazingly easier. Write out a list with each outfit you intend on wearing-- things you need to take, just so you can see it in front of you. This way you can avoid over-packing. By packing 1 or 2 extra outfits you can budget for surprises.

3.Roll it up: I usually do this with most fabrics. Structured pieces I lay flat, usually at the bottom of the case, then lay the rolled items on top.

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