Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Off!

Wuddup Wuddup!

Oh gosh it's Fall today... can you imagine that? My brain is still trying to process how on earth it moved from the end of May to the end of Spetember...I'm having a hard time understanding that.It simply goes too fast in my opinion.

So on this first day of Fall I'll still be holding on to a little bit of summer-- and for the first time wearing neon-- though im not sure you can consider these coral runners neon....I guess you can.

I have been intent on wearing these in a way that was not sporty--and I got to wear them all day long-- it's like walking clouds I tell ya.

What am I wearing?

Shoes- Nike Free+ 5.0
Sweater- H&M
Pants- H&M
Tote- ZARA