Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photo Journal: My First Trip to New York City + IFB Conference

Hi Everyone!

I am so behind on my life, this NYC trip was during the first week of September. But alas I will finally share it with you.

I skipped 3 whole days of school--which I am now paying for dearly-- to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in Soho. And it was a fantastic experience-- I do have a few things to say about their lack of organization, unclear definition of what would be going  on and late start-- but other than that it was just fabulous. I met so many great people and made connections outside of Toronto, which will always be helpful.
I also learned alot about blogging, heard some top -tier bloggers speak-- as well as top model Iman--she was hilarious.

Imagine this wrapping all the way around the block- Alot of Bloggers!

One of the great panels

Eva Chen 212
Shoes & Shoes & Shoes.

I take pleasure in the fact that I am a notorious tourist. It's a role I love playing and one I can't get enough of, so I insisted on seeing as much as I possibly could in the 2.5 days I was there for. I actually think I did a good job of mini sight-seeing; Lady Liberty--from the Staten Island Ferry, Ground Zero, Times Square, Grand Central Station, the cobblestone of Soho, what a true underground bar/restaurant is, and an underground club.

To sum it up in one word: Amazing.

Obleas- Dulce de Leche + Thin Wafer

Venezuelan Arepa Bar

Gorgeous Restaurant I walked by--Can't wait to go back!

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

My cousin Sharona and I

I absolutely refused to leave New York without a Caricature.
Underground Mexico
This is a nightclub!

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