Sunday, April 21, 2013

App of the Week: Google Keep

This can very easily be the first and last App of the Week post I do, just because so little in the app world excites me. However, I have come across one from Google that just blows my mind--and it is almost simple-stupid.If you've kept up with me over my time of writing, you'll know that I am a huge believer in writing things down and creating lists of needs and accomplishments. So for me to find a source of doing this that is organized, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, and on my phone... well I have no words.
Google Keep, is basically a post-it system for your phone that you can colour code and makes your boring notes look extremely interesting. So for me, being able to take a photo or write a snippet down and be able to recall it two weeks later is gold.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it is only privy to non i-phone phones--lucky us!! So get to downloading kids, it will appease the most disorganized.

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