Thursday, April 25, 2013

Off the Bookshelf: No Excuses- 9 Ways Women can Change the Way We Think About Power

 My latest read has been a book that is a whole lot of feminist. No Excuses, in my opinion, is a book every woman needs to read. It is a straightforward look at power as an advantage and as a tool that can propel us to new heights.

It's always interesting to read other women's views on the state of our affairs when it comes to our advantages or lack there of in the real world. Granted that this book was written by an American and is chock full of American statistics regarding the women, I think it still very relevant to women from around the world. It was very interesting to learn that in the US women earn 78 cents to a man's dollar; and that on top of that unmarried woman earn 56 cents to a man's dollar--and this is in America the land of equal opportunity and all that great stuff-- so one can only imagine what its like for women in developing parts of the world.

The author, Gloria Feldt, talks about women as a collective shifting our views on power from an oppressive power-over, to an expansive and empowering power-to. I personally feel that any sort of information that can help women progress, is information that should be available to every woman who wants to have it.

This book is absolutely the starting point of the conversation my generation needs to be part of.

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