Friday, September 6, 2013

On The Ones: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I have been listening to this pair unknowingly for the last four months and literally didn't realize until 3 minutes ago. They are the artists behind the song Can't hold Us, which plays religiously in the store I work at, and every time I hear it, I think the singer is John Legend. I now know it isn't, and I was so darn shocked to find out who it was.

Now I've been adding to my new library of music, and I've got to say I really enjoyed this album of theirs, The Heist. It definitely has to do with the fact that the songs have a story and meaning to them as opposed to rap and hip-hop that has recently been bombarding the airwaves with their bitch i'm rich and I get my money mantras.

I am not opposed to having/getting money as my mantra at all, my issue is having to hear about all the monies these people are getting, and throwing away. :)

Have listen and let me know how you feel about them!

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