Monday, September 23, 2013

The Art of Procrastination.

It really is an art.

Going through my reading list over the weekend I found a great article in HeartIFB.com about why it's sometimes good to procrastinate. And I thought well, what great vindication I have right here regarding my sometimes lazy ways, especially when it comes to my homework.

So as I sit in the library now, I have taken a few minutes out of my laborious evening to write this post. Granted the only reason I am sitting in the library at 9 pm is because instead of doing my work when I was supposed to last week, I found more interesting things to do with my time... like live.

I gotta leave you with this video that aptly covers the basics of wasting time. However, it may only be safe to follow this behaviour when you don't have any looming deadlines.

Sourced heartifb.com, youtube.com

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